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  • Halal sweets

    Our halal candy are 100% made from certified halal beef gelatin.

    A range of thirty-two references in 100g (jelly, sweet and tart), a sweet variety in 1kg.

  • Halal bubble-gum

    Five references of halal chewing gum in the shape of watermelon.

  • Couscous

    Couscous made from 100% high quality durum wheat.

    With or without sauce, with or without meat, salty or sweet, couscous is a traditional dish from the Maghreb that is very popular with everyone.

  • Spices

    Spices from here or elsewhere to spice up or season your everyday dishes or for occasions. Colors and flavors to make a whole culinary world. 

    A range of 72 references (61 in sachets and 11 in jars) which includes all the spices we use today and which come from worldwide.

  • Halal sauces

    A range of 7 halal sauces to enhance your dishes or sandwiches, halal sauces suitable for adults and children.

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